What are Photovoltaic Panels?

Photovoltaic comes from the Greek word “Photo” meaning light and “Voltaic” meaning electric from Volta the Italian physicist whom the word the Volt is named after.

The basic Solar or Photovoltaic cell is made up of 2 semi-conductor layers, one positive and one negative.  Once exposed to sunlight, the photons are absorbed by the semiconductor layers and the electrons from the negative layer are released from their atoms.

Those released electrons then flow to the positive layer and into the circuit creating Direct Current (DC) electricity which produces about 2-watts per cell.

Solar Cells (about 10-12) are then grouped together in weatherproof packages called modules or panels.  A group of solar panels  packaged together are called solar arrays.

Solar Arrays are then installed on permanent structures such as a roof or platform giving the user safe, money saving, and totally sustainable solar power for decades.

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