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Solar Energy Facts

ZERO Greenhouse Gases are produced in the generation of solar electricity and the Carbon Footprint of an Installation is minimal.

Solar PV Systems can offset 70-80% of a home’s electricity needs and provides Long Term Stabilization of Electricity Costs


NYSERDA’s Solar PV Incentive Programprovides incentives that can reduce the customer’s out of pocket cost. System owners may qualify for up to 30% federal and 25% (up to $5,000) New York State tax credits (for primary residences only). Always consult with your qualified tax professional or accountant to determine your eligibility for tax credits. NOTE: Information provided by nyserda.ny.gov
  • Carbon Emissions 0%
  • Home Energy Savings 75%
  • New York State Tax Savings 25%

We are NYSERDA Certified

We are Certified by The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island

Residential and Commercial Solar Installations

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What are Photovoltaic Panels?

What are Photovoltaic Panels? Photovoltaic comes from the Greek word "Photo" meaning light and "Voltaic" meaning electric from Volta the Italian physicist whom the word the Volt is named after. The basic Solar or Photovoltaic cell is made up of 2 semi-conductor...

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Three Reasons to Go Solar in NYC

1) Save Money - Solar Energy is proven to save residential customers over the long term.  Besides the obvious energy savings, The Federal Government and New York State offer many tax credits and incentives for installing a new Solar System. 2) Zero Emissions - Solar...

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The NY-Sun Initiative Solar Financing Options

Financing Options for NY-Sun Incentive Program NY-Sun provides financial incentives for installing a solar electric system through a NYSERDA participating contractor. A properly sized and installed system can provide a significant percentage of your electric needs. In...

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Welcome to Staten Island Renewable Energy

Who We Are We are a full-service solar installation company. While based in Staten Island, our service area covers all of New York and the five boroughs.  At Staten Island Renewable Energy, we design, install, and monitor solar powered electrical systems and...

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